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Water policy-For betterment of water resource...

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Water policy-For betterment of water resource...

Water policy-For betterment of water resources across the globe and India and its impact on socio-economic-political diagram

Author Name : Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya, Bhavneet Kaur Sachdev


Water is a very integral part of our lives. We need to save water for our future, water is a natural renewable resource which is used for multiple purpose, in fact 70% of a countries economy is dependent on water and Water Crisis is a burning issue across the globe. which requires immediate action , Water is a resource that has no substitution which calls for measures to save and recharge water time to time . Climate Change, no technical knowledge, Trans boundary rivalry, water dispute, free access of water and privatization of the water resources by big industries are a product of water scarcity. This calls for cooperation between different countries over the use of water, rainwater harvesting in urban areas and connecting farms to river to reduce wastage of water , India only saves 8% of the rainwater throughout the year, construction of Water banks and introducing water tax by municipalities at a local level can help to save water to some extent . It is estimated that by 2050, half of the population in India will have no access to drinking water. Water being a natural renewable resource also has a limitation which the society is yet to understand. It is evaluated especially in dry areas and many district and small villages everyday thousands of people die with no access to drinking water all over the globe. Water crisis is a very serious issue and a challenging thing which calls for better and fast policies.

Keywords: Water policy, Water crisis, globe, scarcity, climate change, hydro-hegemony, trans-boundary rivalry, water disputes, wastage, natural renewable resource.