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A Comparative Analysis of Colour Fastness of ...

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A Comparative Analysis of Colour Fastness of ...

A Comparative Analysis of Colour Fastness of Natural Dye Paper Flower (Bougainvillea Glabra), Turmeric (Curcuma Longa), Cassia Fistula Using Natural and Chemical Mordents

Author Name : Pooja Kumari, Neelam

ABSTRACT:  A systematic study of herbs turmeric, bougainvillea glabra and cassia fistula, applied on textile wool and acrylic fabric and its evaluation methods. turmeric and cassia fistula are medicinal herbs which have wide range of disease curing application in pharmaceuticals industries both these contain various useful and effective medicinal properties ,due to many useful and effective properties used in textile for dyeing purpose , And evaluation have done untreated and treated wool and acrylic fabric samples. Evaluation of physical properties of untreated wool fabric like fabric weight (GSM), fabric weave structure, fabric formation method, bending length (stiffness), crease recovery, tearing strength, tensile strength, thickness, thread count, EPI (ends per inch), PPI(picks per inch) and pilling testing. Evaluation of treated wool fabric samples, light-fastness (60 hours exposure),rubbing fastness (dry and wet state) ,wash fatness (hot ,cold and stain wash fastness with cotton and wool fabric ), And using different range of mordants , provide many colour shade range to textile wool fabric and acrylic fabric by pre, meta, post mordanting methods. And compare the results of these three natural dyes on behalf of mordanting methods.