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A Comparative Study of Cardio-Vascular Effici...

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A Comparative Study of Cardio-Vascular Effici...

A Comparative Study of Cardio-Vascular Efficiency of Judo and Wrestling Female Players

Author Name : Dr. Subhash Chander

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to compare the cardiovascular efficiency of Judo and Wrestling players of university and national level of Haryana state. A sample of 40 players of age group of 18-27 years was randomly selected and compares their cardiovascular efficiency. The Harward Step test was used for assessing cardiovascular efficiency of the Judo and Wrestling Players. The t test, at the .05 level of significant was used for the comparing the cardiovascular efficiency of the said game players. The statistics analysis was applied with graph pad statistics software for comparing the both groups of players. At the result, significant difference was found in cardiovascular efficiency between the Judo and Wrestling players.