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A Comparative Study on Subjective Well Being ...

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A Comparative Study on Subjective Well Being ...

A Comparative Study on Subjective Well Being among Male and Female Adults

Author Name : Jyoti, Dr. Meenakshi Dalal

ABSTRACT The term Subjective well-being (SWB), also known as self-reported well-being, refers to how people experience and evaluate different aspects of their lives. It is often used to measure mental health and happiness, and it can be an important predictor of individual health, wellness, and longevity. Youth Subjective Well-being is also significantly impacted through use of social media and interactions.SWB encompasses a vast array of different concepts, from fleeting experiences in our day-to-day lives to much broader global judgments that we make about our lives as a whole. The main aim of the present study is to assess the significant differences among male and female on subjective well-being. For this purpose, a sample of 100 youth belonging to age group of 25-30 years was taken from Delhi NCR region. Data was analysed by using t-test. Following questionnaire was used for collecting the data i.e. SPANE (Scale of Positive and Negative Experience) by Ed Diener et al., (2009).. There would be a significant difference among male and female adults on subjective well-being.