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A Comprehensive Study of Digital Image Proces...

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A Comprehensive Study of Digital Image Proces...

A Comprehensive Study of Digital Image Processing

Author Name : Manjul Kumar Malik

ABSTRACT Every digital image processing system can be represented by a block diagram containing three main elements. Image processing started with the input of an image in the processing system. The integrated software within the chip handles the task. Again it can be further processed based on the need. But the application of the processing method or algorithm depends on how the image is inputted, and stored. The quality of the processed image also depends on many criterions. In this article digital processed image quality comparison, hardware comparison and human perception and visual limitations are analyzed to find out common quality dependencies of processed image. The objective of this article is to educate newcomer to basic and fundamental technique of different types of image processing and to find out common image quality dependencies. All fundamental algorithms of image processing will be discussed and quality of processed image output comparison will be shown to find out dependencies.