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A Literature Review on Library and Informatio...

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A Literature Review on Library and Informatio...

A Literature Review on Library and Information Science with Focus on Non-Academic Libraries

Author Name : Dr. Sonali Saha, Mangesh Ohal, Varshita Jetwani


The literature on Library and Information Science LIS is widely available. However, in terms of application, the literature is tilted towards academic libraries. On the other hand, the research on the application in non-academic libraries is limited. Yet, the two applications are not altogether different. There are characteristics of an academic library that are relevant for a non-academic library as well. But non-academic libraries have their unique features. Exhaustive research is available in the area of academic libraries. Researchers, in particular, have highlighted IT related topics given the developments in IT. Surprisingly, attempts to seek expansion or extension from academic libraries to other libraries have not been researched much. While depth in the single line of academic libraries is quite evident, bit horizontal dimensions do not seem to have attracted researchers much. The gap is quite evident. This paper carries a literature review with a comparative perspective of research in the two types of libraries.

Keywords: Academic libraries, non-academic libraries, LIS