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A Literature Review on Novel Cluster Analysis...

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A Literature Review on Novel Cluster Analysis...

A Literature Review on Novel Cluster Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author Name : Abhir Singh, Mrs. Savita,

In this paper, we studied a novel clustering scheme, which substantially improves the resilience of the network compared to the existing schemes. Sensor networks are being deployed for a wide variety of applications [2], including military sensing and tracking, environment monitoring, patient monitoring and tracking, smart environments, etc. When sensor networks are deployed in a hostile environment, security becomes extremely important, as they are prone to different types of malicious attacks. The primary idea is implemented using a fuzzy-logic based selection of Cluster Head from among the nodes of network, which is concluded depending on two parameters, the current energy of the node and the distance of the node from the base station. The protocol is named LEACH-C(ED)-Centralized LEACH based on Energy and Distance, and is run periodically at the base station where a new set of cluster heads are selected at every round, thus distributing the energy load in the network and increasing the network lifetime.