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A Method for the Reduction of Discrete Time S...

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A Method for the Reduction of Discrete Time S...

A Method for the Reduction of Discrete Time Systems Using Interlacing Technique and Coefficient Matching

Author Name : Ch. Vishnu Chakravarthi, Gsnv Prasad


A Mixed method for the model order reduction of linear time invariant discrete system is suggested.  This method is based upon the interlacing property of the systems. The denominator polynomial of the reduced order model is obtained by using interlacing property and the numerator polynomial is obtained by matching the coefficients of the high order discrete system with those of the denominator of the reduced order model.  In general the stability of the high order system is retained in their models.  Better approximation of the time response characteristics is attained by using this suggested method. The number of computations has been reduced when compared to several of the existing methods in the international literature. Numerical examples are given to exhibit the flexibility of the procedure. The suggested procedure is digital computer oriented.