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A Mini Review on Traditional Uses, Phytochemi...

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A Mini Review on Traditional Uses, Phytochemi...

A Mini Review on Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry and Biological Activity of Homonoiariparia

Author Name : S. Alexandar, Jyothi M Joy


Homonoia riparia is an evergreen river bank species belongs to Euphorbiaceae family. The plant is used in Indigenous systems of medicine to treat number of ailments like haemorrhoids, urethrorrhea, gonorrhea, syphilis, ulcers, skin diseases etc. Hence the plant can be utilized as therapeutic agent against several disorders. The  review point out the traditional uses, phytochemical constituents and pharmacological activities based on the recent works and its scope for the utilization in herbal research.

Keywords: Homonoia riparia, Euphorbiaceae, haemorrhoids, urethrorrhea, pharmacological activity.