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A Review Article on Ayurvedic Therapeutic Man...

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A Review Article on Ayurvedic Therapeutic Man...

A Review Article on Ayurvedic Therapeutic Management of Raktapitta through Vasa Panchang (Adathoda Vasica)

Author Name : Dr. Kirti Sachdeva, Dr. Komal Rathore

ABSTRACT An attempt has been created to gift the therapeutic uses of Vasa that's utilized in Raktapitta. Vasa (Adhatodavasica Linn.) could be a documented and simply on the market drug in the majority the seasons. Simple accessibility of any drug gains quality among physicians yet as prescribed drugs and this can be the explanation why nearly each a part of Vasa is found represented within the Ayurvedic text. The various components of Vasa like root, leaf, flowers and madhyamkanda are used for the treatment of Rakatpittaroga. Raktapitta could be a trauma disorder. This can be referred to as as (an acute disease). It spreads like forest fire; it ought to be treated directly and thoroughly. Once this unwellness changes the course (direction) it's indicative of incurability (as adhayta)It could be a serious unwellness (Mahaagada),having grave consequences. It afflicts the patient in no time (Mahavega – greatly agitated), it's like hearth and affects instantly (Agnivatsheegrkari).