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A Review on Analysis of AODV protocol in MANE...

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A Review on Analysis of AODV protocol in MANE...

A Review on Analysis of AODV protocol in MANET

Author Name : Ms. Sweety Malik, Mr. Vikas Siwach

ABSTRACT Mobile adhoc network (MANET) is ingathering of various type of mobile nodes in which each node act as router. As nodes are mobile, there is need of routing protocols in MANET. AODV (adhoc on demand distance vector) is one of the routing protocols that can be used as a routing protocol. It uses route request, route reply and route error message to maintain the route. Various improvements are done in AODV to enhance its performance. Improved AODV protocol enhances various properties such as enhance packet delivery ratio, minimized end to end delay, improve quality of services etc. Various network simulators such as NS2, QualNet are used to check the performance of enhanced AODV protocols. In this paper we study different papers for enhancing the quality of AODV protocols in MANET.