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A Review on Analytical Methods for Estimation...

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A Review on Analytical Methods for Estimation...

A Review on Analytical Methods for Estimation of Pazopanib Drug, Biological Fluid and Tablet Dosage Form

Author Name : Akshay Kachare , Dr. Suhas Siddheshwar

ABSTRACT Patients with renal cell carcinoma and soft tissue sarcoma could be treated with pazopanib, according to FDA approval. Antiangiogenic and antitumor effects are exhibit by pazopanib. Analytical techniques are essential for estimating Pazopanib in different dosage forms. Consequently, a review of the Pazopanib analytical techniques is done. Here, we discussed the most recent analytical techniques for estimating apremilast in biological samples, pharmaceutical dosage forms, and bulk. In that, we investigate techniques like UPLC, HPLC, UV-Visible spectroscopy, and the commonly employed hyphenated method, LC-MS. These reported chromatographic methods for the quantification of Pazopanib, however, have a number of shortcomings, including the need for sample preparation, a lack of sensitivity, a complicated mobile phase mixture, and stringent monitoring of important method parameters, such as the mobile phase, flow rate, column temperature, flow gradient, and pH maintenance. This review will be helpful for the researcher who is working on Pazopanib