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A Review on Phasor Measurement Unit for Secur...

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A Review on Phasor Measurement Unit for Secur...

A Review on Phasor Measurement Unit for Secured Operation of Power System Network

Author Name : Manjula B G, Dr. Raghavendra Gopal

ABSTRACT The modern power system is becoming wide and complex day by day due to increased loading and exploitation. In deregulated operating regime power system security is an issue that needs due consideration. It is worth noting that outage of any elements results into the abnormal situation of the power system. Furthermore, if the system parameters reach beyond the normal operating limit, stable operation of the system is not possible. Contingency analysis allows systems to be operated defensively. The operator cannot take action fast enough when many of the problems that occur on power system causes serious trouble within fraction of time period leading to cascading failures. Because of this aspect of system operation, modern operations computers and SCADA systems are equipped with contingency analysis programs that model possible system troubles before they arise.