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A Review Paper on Co-Relation of California B...

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A Review Paper on Co-Relation of California B...

A Review Paper on Co-Relation of California Bearing Ratio Value with Soil Properties of Road Sub Grade Soil

Author Name : Ms Avani Kausik, Aakash Rawat, Mayank Chhoker, Mohd. Kaif


A prediction is a vital tool in engineering used to take right decisions. Therefore, it is very important for engineers to quickly predict the behavior of geomaterials used in the infrastructures. California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test is a common laboratory test, performed to evaluate the shear strength and stiffness modulus of subgrade for the design of pavement.CBR test is a laborious test, therefore, it is vital to develop the models for quick assessment of CBR value. This study is an attempt to develop valid models to determine the CBR value from index properties of soil which are quicker to estimate from their standard method of testing. Various samples of soils were collected from different locations in meerut. Finally a regression analysis is made by using software based on correlation coefficient to predict the CBR value and predicted values are compared with the actual CBR value.