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A Study of Body Mass Index among Kabaddi and ...

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A Study of Body Mass Index among Kabaddi and ...

A Study of Body Mass Index among Kabaddi and Kho-Kho Players

Author Name : Mrs. Pushpa Kumari, Ms. Jaya Devi

ABSTRACT:  The purpose of the study was to examine BMI of Kabaddi and kha-kha players. For this purpose 50 players were randomly selected from Kabaddi and 50 players were selected from game of kho-kho. Samples were selected from Bhim stadium Bhiwani, Haryana. The age limit of the samples was 16 to 20 and level was National. Body Mass Index formula( weight/height2 in meters) was used as the tool of the study. The statistical tool was mean, standard deviation and ‘t’ test was used. The findings It was found that for the BMI, the paired mean difference was 2.45, S.D difference 2.43 and ‘t’ value was 7.11, which was highly significant at both 0.05 and 0.01. it may be observed from the result that there is a significant difference between Kabaddi and kho-kho players in reference to body mass index. The Kabaddi players group was found with a higher level of body mass index ehich shows greater body mass than the kho-kho players group.