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A Study of Methods involved in human and comp...

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A Study of Methods involved in human and comp...

A Study of Methods involved in human and computer interaction

Author Name : Garima Yadav, A. Arulprakash

ABSTRACT Human-computer interaction (HCI) research covers technical and human behavior issues. Therefore, contributions to human-computer interaction research often make people aware of engineering and social sciences at the same time. At HCI, the purpose of practical research contributions is to reveal unknown concepts about human behavior and its relationship with technology. The practical research methods commonly used in HCI include formal experiments, field experiments, field studies, interviews, focus groups, surveys, usability testing, case studies, daily research, ethnography, background research, experience sampling and automatic compilation. data. In this document, we report on the use of evaluation methods, focus groups, surveys and interviews, and how we use these methods to develop artifacts: interface design or information and technology systems. The four items are examples of different application methods that are usedto gather information about users ’wishes, habits, practices, concerns, and preferences. Here, you can also see the organization within the system approach, which means that system outages and even failures can be characterized and improved. The term flexibility has been applied to many fields such as real estate, economics, sports, events, business, psychology and so on. In this study, we emphasized that resilience also consists of a series of different abilities and abilities (self-awareness, creating meaning from other experiences, self-efficacy, optimism, and building strong interpersonal relationships), which is what people should have Some basic elements are used in conjunction with the process of increasing the organization ’s resilience. Resilience improves understanding of the resources available to people facing existing problems.