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A Study on Initial Public Offering and Its Pe...

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A Study on Initial Public Offering and Its Pe...

A Study on Initial Public Offering and Its Performance in Indian Stock Market

Author Name : Roopa Reddy, Dr. H.N. Shivaprasad

ABSTRACT The title of the study is “A study on Performance of IPOs in Indian market (2013-2019)”. The study is about financial performance of IPOs issued during the period 2013-19. Indian IPO market is one of the most vibrant primary markets in the world. IPOs have raised Rs 241031.22 crores during the period 2009 to 2019 for the Indian corporates. The objective of the study was to find out the gains the investors get from investment in IPOs in terms of listing gain, market gain, market adjusted gain as wells as annualized return from IPO investment. The objective was also to find out the relationship between oversubscription and listing gain and To find out the spearman‟s correlation of coefficient between Capital Market Rating and Oversubscription Oversubscription and Listing Gain Chittorgarh User Rating (CUR) and Oversubscription Chittorgarh User Rating (CUR) and Listing Gain. An attempt was made to find out whether there is relationship between the Capital Market Rating and IPO performance measured interms of Oversubscription. The findings of the study are also useful for making practical decisions regarding investments in IPO.