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A Study on small Business Owners Problem and ...

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A Study on small Business Owners Problem and ...

A Study on small Business Owners Problem and Challenges with a Special Reference to Coimbatore City

Author Name : Mrs. S. Malarvizhi, Dr. P. Vidhya

ABSTRACT Small scale business are very essential for expansion of our financial system because of their involvement in every persons income output. SSB hold a strong role in Indian economy as well. Such business owners face many difficulties and challenges when they start operations. SSBOs in India face several difficulties like Planning, Organising, Co-Ordinating, Controlling, Decision Making. The main aim of this paper is to find out the basic problems and challenges faced by SSBOs while in operation. Primary and secondary both types of data are used for study. Paper is empirical in nature as such data were collected with the help of internet. Study emphasized the collection of data from one city, Coimbatore. The sample size is 25. SSBOs face several problems but this paper highlighted only their basic problems.