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Academic Libraries and Open Access Scholarshi...

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Academic Libraries and Open Access Scholarshi...

Academic Libraries and Open Access Scholarship

Author Name : Mrs. Haseena Begum

ABSTRACT: The article is an examination of the changing relationship between the academic library and open access scholarships. This paper covers the important review of literature methodology and major findings and conclusion. Advances in information technology, shifts in the modes of knowledge production and changes in research practice have affected all points of the research lifecycle. The implications for library practice are far-reaching. Informed by a review of the literature on the drivers of open access, digital scholarship and the knowledge economy, a web-based Delphi study was designed, In particular, the Delphi study investigated the overlapping areas of open access policy, research data management, organizational capacity, scholarly communication and peer review, and library leadership and workforce development. During the past two decades digital scholarship evolved more in their networked, scholarly and academic environment and are now extensively integrated with digital and IT technologies in teaching and research. Institutional repositories are, in many cases still a key part of digital scholarship.