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Advanced Multi –Dimensional Structural Neur...

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Advanced Multi –Dimensional Structural Neur...

Advanced Multi –Dimensional Structural Neural Network over Academic Student Performance Prediction

Author Name : Sk. Yakoob, M. S. Chandra Srilekha, S.V. Kalyan Reddy, N. Hemasri, G. Dayanand Reddy, S. Ramu


 Advanced information trails from dissimilar sources covering various parts of understudy life are put away day by day in most current college grounds. Notwithstanding, it stays testing to (I) consolidate these information to acquire a comprehensive perspective on an understudy, (ii) utilize these information to precisely foresee scholarly execution, and (iii) utilize such expectations to advance positive understudy commitment with the college. To at first lighten this issue, in this article, a model named Augmented Education (Augmented) is proposed. In our review, (1) initial, a trial is directed dependent on a genuine grounds dataset of understudies (N =156) that totals multisource social information covering on the web and disconnected learning as well as practices inside and outside of the study hall. In particular, to acquire top to bottom knowledge into the elements driving to superb or lackluster showing, measurements estimating the straight and nonlinear conduct changes (e.g., routineness and dependability) of grounds ways of life are assessed; moreover, highlights addressing dynamic changes in worldly way of life designs are extricated by the method for long transient memory (LSTM). (2) Second, AI based grouping calculations are created to foresee scholastic execution. (3) Finally, imagined criticism empowering understudies (particularly in danger understudies) to conceivably upgrade their communications with the college and accomplish a review life balance is planned. The trials show that the Increased model can foresee understudies' scholarly presentation with high exactness.

INDEX TERMS: Academic performance prediction, behavioral pattern, digital campus, machine learning (ML), long short-term memory (LSTM).