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Aging and Its Prosthodontic Outlook- A Review

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Aging and Its Prosthodontic Outlook- A Review

Aging and Its Prosthodontic Outlook- A Review

Author Name : Dr. Shravani Thanneeru, Dr. Saruchi Saxena , Dr. Krishna Dave, Dr. Shreya Jain

ABSTRACT The geriatric population is experiencing a notable increase and continues to maintain their natural teeth, necessitating a greater need for dental care to preserve their dental health and functionality. This article delves into the psychological aspects of aging and the implications of age-related changes in teeth, oral tissues, nutrition, and metabolism in the elderly. The aging process affects all bodily tissues and systems, including nutritional and metabolic factors. A multitude of factors can impede healing, host resistance, digestion and absorption, mastication, metabolic efficiency, renal and hepatic function, and excretory capacity. The administration of complex drug regimens further complicates the diagnosis of conditions. Therefore, it is imperative to thoroughly consider these factors before devising treatment plans. Prosthodontists are tasked with evaluating the functional and pathological aspects of an elderly patient's oral condition. The care dispensed must be tailored to the individual's health status and preferences. It is imperative to devise a personalized prevention strategy for each patient, ideally discussed with them prior to their advanced age.