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Agricultural Sector in BTAD: Challenges and O...

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Agricultural Sector in BTAD: Challenges and O...

Agricultural Sector in BTAD: Challenges and Opportunities

Author Name : Swmkwr Brahma


The study area named BTAD is a agriculturally resourceful area with a substantial growth of agricultural production. The present study is based on some secondary data that have been collected from different sources like published article , Govt. handbooks, magazines and Govt. of India reports etc. The Bodoland Territorial Area Districts is basically an Agricultural belt where various crops are grown among which one is paddy and it is the main occupation of the people of this area. Factors like the inadequate supply of agricultural credits, limited supply of irrigational facilities, fertilizers and slow farm mechanization are mainly responsible for the poor performance and development of Agriculture in the  BTAD. Since the inception of five-year planning, various programs have been undertaken to increase the production in the BTC but until now the yield per hectare in the BTC is low. The present study has explored the main causes of concern for agricultural development in the North-East India and of BTC in particular.

Keywords: Agricultural credit, irrigation facilities, BTC.