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Alopecia Areata (Indralupta): A Case Successf...

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Alopecia Areata (Indralupta): A Case Successf...

Alopecia Areata (Indralupta): A Case Successfully Treated with Ayushakti Skinotox (Virechana), Shamana and Lepan Therapy

Author Name : Dr. Smita Naram, Dr. Deepak Mahajan, Dr. Hemang Parekh


Alopecia areata (Indralupta) is an autoimmune, inflammatory condition of the anagen hair follicle. Typical and commonest scenario formed is a patchy hair loss in the scalp region. The conventional treatment includes use of local, intralesional and systemic corticosteroids, contact immunotherapy, photo chemotherapy (PUVA), Minoxidil and Dithranol. Although there are many treatments available, there is still no promising cure. Hence patient search for alternative therapy which may be safe and can give results. In Ayurveda literature many herbs, herbal combinations, herbs for local application are mentioned. Alopecia areata can be correlated with Indralupta disease described in the Ayurved Samhitas. Here a case of young female patient diagnosed with Alopecia areata (Indralupta) was successfully treated with the Shamana therapy with herbal remedies Sukesha (Keshiya), Amrutras, Suniram, Ojas (Immuno), Skintonic manufactured by Ayushakti Ayurveda were advised two times daily after food with lukewarm water for six months, Ayushakti Skinotox treatment (Virechana) as Shodhana karma for three weeks along with Shamana karma and Lepanachikitsa. Ayurveda principles and Ayushakti herbal remedies helped in regrowth of hairs by improving the local blood circulation and providing favourable condition for the growth of hairs.

Keywords: Alopeciaareata, Indralupta, Ayushakti Skinotox, Virechana, Patchy hair loss.