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An Overview on Herbal Serum as Skincare Produ...

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An Overview on Herbal Serum as Skincare Produ...

An Overview on Herbal Serum as Skincare Product

Author Name : Rasika Ravindra Giri, Harsha Icharam Narkhede





Cosmetics are now used often by many people each year and are in higher demand in daily life. A moisturising serum is a mixture of oleaginous ingredients that is rubbed into the skin and used to restore natural skin oil, cover minute skin fissures, and produce a calming protective coating. Photo damage and ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause skin ageing and facial wrinkles, both of which are undesired results. There are no proven methods to slow the ageing process of the skin at the moment. Face serum is a cosmetic product with a high concentration. When utilising aloe vera, we get not only immediate cosmetic results but also psychological satisfactions. Serum has the potential to quickly absorb and reach deeper layers of the skin. Harmful side effects of photo damage and UV radiation include facial wrinkles and skin ageing. Serum has a deep formula with a very high concentration of active substances, a non-oily finish, rapid absorption, and the capacity to penetrate deep layers of the skin. The goal of this effort was to create serum utilising polyherbal extract based on these characteristics.

Keywords:-Application, osmetic, Herbal, Properties, Serum, Skin