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―An Review On Herbal Plants Used In Hair Co...

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―An Review On Herbal Plants Used In Hair Co...

―An Review On Herbal Plants Used In Hair Cosmetics”

Author Name : Mane Pratiksha Balaso, Gaikwad Tushar

ABSTRACT Since ancient times, plants have served as a source of food and healing. Cosmetics and toiletry products contain a diverse range of plant oils. Hair is a vital component of the body that reflects one's personality. For hair care, there are a plethora of cosmetics. Plants have been used to care for hair for a long time. The biological source, active ingredients, and biological activity of Indian medicinal plants that have hare care qualities are summarised in this paper. The science of changing one’s look is referred to as cosmetology. Herbals are used for beautifying in India’s traditional medicine, such as Ayurveda. Herbal cosmetics are one of the most powerful and effective types of cosmetics. It’s utilised to enhance and embellish a person’s overall appearance. When compared to other synthetic treatments, herbal medications have a higher level of tolerance. This research looked at the value of herbal hair oil in treating common hair problems such baldness, alopecia, hair loss, grey hair, dryness, and dandruff.