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Analysis of population of Hisar district in H...

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Analysis of population of Hisar district in H...

Analysis of population of Hisar district in Haryana (1991 to 2011)

Author Name : SEEMA

ABSTRACT  India is growing very large in population. This is main issue in our country now we have to take some steps on it. In this we are discuss about the population of Hisar from 1991 to 2011. In this we are dicuss all the block of Hisar district. Population is increase time to time being now we have 1,743,931 total in population in Hisar district. Our growth rate from 2001 is 13.45% which is very high in india growth rate.population create many problem to government we need space , economy, food, transport facility which are main drawback of population. If we don’t stop the growth rate of population we faces very critical view in future like increasing land value, increasing price of food, increasing pollution and many other thing . in this we tell you about the data and how we stop population in future.