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Analysis of the Operational Characteristics o...

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Analysis of the Operational Characteristics o...

Analysis of the Operational Characteristics of CNTFET

Author Name : Akshay Verma, Harshul Gupta, Nitin Chaturvedi

ABSTRACT: Since the last few decades the silicon- based technology has escalated remarkably. The reason behind the exceptional advancement of the CMOS devices is acknowledged due to its potential of being scaled down to increasingly compact sizes. However, the excessive scaling of CMOS devices to the Nano ranges have resulted in several non-idealities affecting the I/V characteristics and increased short channel effects thereby not only affecting the reliability of the device but also its performance expectations. For this reason, the semiconductor industry is seeking out for incorporating different materials and devices with the current silicon-based technology which in the long run, could possibly substitute it. Recent studies in the field of Nano technology and Nano electronics have led to an increased emphasis on Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET) as a suitable replacement for the current CMOS technology for designing the circuits. This paper gives an insight to the advantages and the operational characteristics of the CNTFET devices as compared to the existing CMOS technology.