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Analysis of Tribology by using Material A390,...

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Analysis of Tribology by using Material A390,...

Analysis of Tribology by using Material A390, A515 And SS410

Author Name : Parveen Kumar, Manpreet Singh

ABSTRACT  The aim of the present work is to investigate the tribological characteristics and wear debris morphology of A390 and A515 MMCs and further to compare the tribological behaviour of the two materials and to select the better material. A390 and A515 MMCs are used in components subjected to severe abrasion and material wear. Whereas, SS410 is used to produce components with high requirements on toughness, e.g. brake discs, shafts, pumps valves, bushing and nuts. The application of disc brake is chosen for the study considering MMCs as brake pads and SS410 as brake disc. The speed at which the brake is applied and the normal load applied by the pad on the disc plays a major role in determining the tribological parameters such as wear rate and coefficient of friction (COF).In this present study A390 and A515 MMCs are considered to be the pins and SS410 as disc. A high temperature vacuum based pin on disc Tribometer is used to determine the tribological characteristics such as wear and COF for combination of each MMC with the disc. The testing conditions were chosen as 35,70N and sliding speeds as 0.1, 1.5ms-1 at ambient conditions.