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Analysis of Water Budgets for Aquaculture Pon...

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Analysis of Water Budgets for Aquaculture Pon...

Analysis of Water Budgets for Aquaculture Ponds in Chapra District Bihar

Author Name : Dr. Prabhat Ranjan

ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to measure water budgets of four water shed ponds and develop a simple procedure to estimate discharge from watershed ponds. Water budgets of four watershed ponds near Auburn in east-dentral Alabama were measured over a 2-year period. On an annual basis, direct precipitation into thee ponds was less than the loss of water in evaporation and seepage, and overflow from ponds averaged 60 to 90% of runoff entering ponds. During the drier part of the year (June to November, there was little overflow and water levels declined. From December to May, water flowed from ponds following periods of precipitation. Annual overflow from watershed ponds is roughly equal to annual runoff entering ponds; runoff entering ponds may be estimated by subtracting annual evapotranspiration from annual rainfall.