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Applications and Security Challenges of IoT (...

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Applications and Security Challenges of IoT (...

Applications and Security Challenges of IoT (Internet of Things)

Author Name : Aanchal


The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the worldwide network of people, smart devices, intelligent things, data, and information. It's no secret that as more gadgets connect to the internet, the challenges of safeguarding the data they communicate and the connections they originate grow. We've observed an increase in IoT devices over the years, mostly in two areas: residences and factories. We've seen an entire ecosystem built around Amazon's Echo devices and the Alexa Voice Service with the former. Google, Microsoft, and Apple have all done the same thing. Because these are closed and autonomous platforms, the platform providers are responsible for protecting the devices. We focus on cyber security in manufacturing and related industries in this study. Manufacturing, oil & gas, refining, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, water treatment, and many more industries are continuously seeking for new ways to improve security as they bring more equipment and devices online. Manufacturers of electronic devices and plant managers are continuously under pressure to secure their physical assets from cyber attacks. Furthermore, the nature of the data, the topologies of IoT devices, and the challenges of threat management and assuring compliance differ greatly among various businesses.