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Assessment of Level of Stress among Serial Vi...

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Assessment of Level of Stress among Serial Vi...

Assessment of Level of Stress among Serial Viewers in Selected Community Settings, Tamil Nadu, India

Author Name : Pradeepraj. A, Praveen Kumar. V, Devika. J, Dharani. S, Reshma Varghese, Kalaiselvi. R

ABSTARCT Nowadays Serial is a part of human life. Serial influence bad and good things on human behavior. Today’s Serial is not only entertainment and a fun thing but gives bad habits like Initiating celebrities health programs and becoming addicted to shows. A serial affects the person and the serial influence persons thought they became narrower. A descriptive design used to assess the level of stress among serial viewers in selected community settings, Tamil Nadu. Totally 80 samples were selected by using convenient sampling technique and perceived stress scale used to collect the data. The study result showed that most of the samples are 36 – 40 years of age (37.5%), were part-time workers (31.25%), belongs to nuclear family (47.5%), watching television (58.75%), accompanied with their husband (32.5%), watch 2 serials regularly (37.5%), feels restlessness when able to watch serials (36.25%), watch mixed types of serials (33.75%), view serial using television (52.5%). The present study concluded that most of the serial viewers had moderate level stress (96.75%) and 3.25% perceived high level of stress. Thus, there was a significant association between Level of stress and demographic variables such as age and mode of serial viewing of serial viewers at p<=0.05