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Assessment of Quality & Quantity of Water Sup...

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Assessment of Quality & Quantity of Water Sup...

Assessment of Quality & Quantity of Water Supply: Case Study of Patan, Gujarat

Author Name : Nikhil H. Patel, Sejal S. Bhagat

ABSTRACT The Urban centre plays a crucial role in overall growth and development of any country. Due to rapid urbanization, the urban centre had not received any attention regarding planning & development management. Water is essential and limited resource. The Shortage of water is major problems in developing country like India. Provisions of water & sanitation services are very difficult task for developing country. The main objective of this study was to obtain information about consumers’ opinion on water services & degree of satisfaction of consumers in the urban area of Patan, Gujarat, India. The major finding of this study is that water supply system of Patan and lack behind in water quality & quantity in tail end of water distribution network. This study concluded that there is need of improvement of entire water supply network of Patan, Gujarat, India.