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Assessment of Self-Concept among Basketball P...

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Assessment of Self-Concept among Basketball P...

Assessment of Self-Concept among Basketball Players at Different Level

Author Name : Ms. Jaya Devi, Mrs. Pushpa Kumari

ABSTRACT  Self-concept is a complex element of individual behaviour. Taking into consideration of self-concept on human activities, the examiner is anticipated to among the basketball players at different level. For the purpose of the study 60 males subjects were randomly selected i.e. 30 from state level and 30 from national level. Measured by using self-concept concept questionnaire of Dr. R.K. Saraswat. The T-test was used and the level of significance was set at 0.05. The difference level of players was observed 1.9, which is below than the required value of (t=2.00). The difference was found insignificant. Thus it may be concluded that the self concept of state level and national level players are equal.