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Attitude towards Online Education Provided by...

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Attitude towards Online Education Provided by...

Attitude towards Online Education Provided by Schools in India during Covid-19

Author Name : Baljinder Singh

ABSTRACT Aim: The objective of this study was to interpret attitude of parents and students towards online education provided by schools in India during Covid-19. Method: Methodology of this article was qualitative research; primary and secondary data both were used. For collection of secondary data, the researcher used both published and unpublished sources. For compilation of Primary data, purposive sampling and semi structured open ended interviews were conducted telephonically throughout the country on a group of 15 students and 15 parents each. Results and Conclusion: This study highlighted that online education system has been proved to increase retention of information, knowledge and consume less time, students and Parents are more likely to feel safe and convenient in adopting new ways of online Education system. This should continue to stay for a longer period of time till the situation comes back to normal. Keywords: Attitude, Online Education, Covid-19,E-learning, Digital platform, Classroom Teaching.