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“Ayurvedic Understanding of Grahani in The ...

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“Ayurvedic Understanding of Grahani in The ...

“Ayurvedic Understanding of Grahani in The Light of Contemporary Science”

Author Name : Dr. Malakiya Chintankumar.G, Dr. Naik Nikita, Dr. Bhakkad Bhushan Dr. Kanabar Abhay, Dr. Patankar Lokesh





In the present era Grahani is a disease of great clinical significance due to its direct link with faulty lifestyle and stress effecting Agni thus leading to Grahani. The pathogenesis of Grahani revolves around Agnidosha. The relationship between Agni and Grahani, both in physiological and pathological states relates with structure and function of Grahani. The main pathology lies in the Dushti of Agni due to indulgence in causative factors like Abhojana, Atibhojana, Asatmya Bhojana, Atirooksha Bhojana, Chinta, Shoka and Bhaya leading to impairment in digestion, absorption and formation of Ama. Grahani Roga manifests with symptomatology like Muhurbaddha-Muhurdrava Mala Pravrutti, Durgandhita Mala Pravrutti, Udarashoola, Adhmana, Arochaka, Avipaka, Klama etc. Therefore disorders explained in contemporary science sharing this phenomenon of impaired digestion, impaired absorption and impaired transport in small intestine due to the disturbance in the function of the Agni come under the purview of Grahani. Broadly Malabsorption syndrome is simulates Grahani.Sprue syndrome share similar features with varying degrees of villus atrophy of the small intestinal mucosa and present clinically with Malabsorption. Tropical sprue is a mal-absorptive disease of the small bowel characterized by inflammation and villous flattening in the small intestine. Non-tropical sprue is characterized by significant loss of villi in small intestine and diminished absorptive surface area. All the above is classified under secondary mal-absorption conditions. Grahani can also manifest as primary malabsorption condition like Tropical sprue, Whipple’s disease, Disaccharide deficiency and allergic and eosinophilic gastroenteritis. Presentation of Grahani also mimic Irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS) characterized by abdominal pain and altered bowel habits with no particular structural pathology of the Gastro intestinal tract. In this paper an attempt is made to explain the Samprapti of Grahani with rational scientific explanation and correlate various clinical conditions explained in contemporary science having relationship with Grahani in Ayurveda.

Keywords: Grahani, Malabsorption Syndrome,Tropical & Non tropical Sprue, Whipple’s Disease, IBS