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Benefits and disadvantage of library automati...

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Benefits and disadvantage of library automati...

Benefits and disadvantage of library automation: A study of academic library users

Author Name : Dimple M. Pandya, Maheshbhai Darbar

ABSTRACT: We all know that use of ICT spread over in the information age. Libraries are atomizing their housekeeping operations. The paper aims to highlight user’s perceptions on library automation. It does not include aspects like how to do automation, what software is used for the automation etc. The objective of the study is to find out user’s awareness about library automation. Impact of automation of library housekeeping activities on a usage of the library and academic work of users. Find out pros and cons of library automation and to get users suggestions for further improvement. Data have been collected from the 100 users of academic library with the help of web based questionnaire. It is analysed with the help of tables and diagrams. It is found from analysis of the data that users are aware of the automated system of a library, and they are satisfied with the quick service of the library after automation. The conclusion drawn is users are habituated with the automated library sources and services like webopac and due book reminder. They are aware of the different library automation software. They said that with the automation their working capacity is increase and they will complete their task in less time.