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Car Pooling to Reduce Travel Cost and Stress ...

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Car Pooling to Reduce Travel Cost and Stress ...

Car Pooling to Reduce Travel Cost and Stress of Driving

Author Name : Pranshu, Mr. Himanshu Pundir

ABSTRACT There are a lot of problems for a country in the transport section. Some of the major problems are inadequate public transportation, high gas prices, traffic jam, depletion of natural resources for obtaining fuel etc. The solution of these problems requires a lot of resources and time. So an alternative to reduce the issues mentioned earlier can be used. This alternative is none other than carpooling. This aims to bring together the travellers with similar destination and time and help reduce the number of vehicles used and utilize the space in the vehicles. The online carpooling system is a web-based application is to provide us with a simple riding platform between the car owner and car user. This project enables users to access mobility assets own by others exactly when they need. It shows a medium for available cars to pick up them on the interest of car owner with time and capacity.