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Changiya Rukh As Bloom Amidst Cactus

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Changiya Rukh As Bloom Amidst Cactus

Changiya Rukh As Bloom Amidst Cactus

Author Name : Babita Mehra

The word ‘Caste’ itself is narrating its own story in the given lines. This is the agony faced by the people called as ‘Dalits’. Dalits in the Indian society has remained in the world as the most exploited person for a longer period of time. This caste-based discrimination is one of the worst form of racism as it is practised against one’s own countrymen like race it is determined by birth and does not end with death but passes from generation to generation. It directly refutes the blind assumption of Indians that there can be any harmony between Dalits & the Non-Dalits.