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Cloud Computing Platform Deployment using Ope...

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Cloud Computing Platform Deployment using Ope...

Cloud Computing Platform Deployment using Openstack within a Stand-alone Environment

Author Name : Liangbin Zhang, Yuanming Wang, Ran Jin, Shaozhong Zhang, Kun Gao

ABSTRACT: Cloud computing gradually becomes mature which is a current research hotspot in the past ten years. Openstack exceeded the market as a scalable, performant and highly adaptive open source architecture for both public and private cloud solutions like Amazon EC2. In this paper, we describe Openstack architecture and deploy Openstack experimental platform using automated scripting tools named Devstack within a single computer. One Devstack controller and compute node are created, configured and installed with our deployment strategy and automated scripts as detailed as possible. Most of the instance life cycle can be implemented and shown in our experimental framework, which can not only be greatly contributed to further research of Openstack components functionalities and interaction but also can improve deployment ability of Openstack in the production environment throughout an experimental test-bed.