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Cluster Head Selection Protocol Which Improve...

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Cluster Head Selection Protocol Which Improve...

Cluster Head Selection Protocol Which Improved the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network

Author Name : Er. Manjeet, Mrs. Savita Bishnoi

ABSTRACT In recent years, with the developments of wireless sensor networks technology, how to prolong the lifetime of WSN and reduce energy consumption by the sensor nodes becomes a hot topic. But the most research going on the prolongation of the lifetime of the WSN and declined the energy consumed by the sensors. There are lots of protocols which are generated for routing in WSN but these have some limitations. In this article analyzes the cluster head selection phase of LEACH protocol and presents the improved approach of LEACH i.e. CSLQ (Cluster-head based on link quality) that improves the lifetime of the network. In CSLQ the cluster –head is selected on the basis of link quality so that number of packet loss is decreased as compared to the LEACH-C protocol. We have evaluated both LEACH-C and CSLQ through extensive simulations using NS2 (Network Simulator 2) which shows that CBLQ protocol performs better than the LEACH-C protocol.