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Collaborative Robotic Arm

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Collaborative Robotic Arm

Collaborative Robotic Arm

Author Name : Justin Baby, Basil Kurian, Naveen Anil, Akshay Krishna S Anand Rajagopal

Abstract:  The project is to design and manufacture a collaborative robot, which is a robot intended to physically interact with humans in a shared work space. The industrial robot is intended to work a specific task, protected by a barrier. The project focuses on designing a collaborative arm capable of working alongside with humans in workplace or home. The robotic arm is having a four degrees of freedom with a capacity to lift a weight of 300g. Robot Operating System (ROS) was used for coding the program. The arm can perform repeated actions like pick and place, soldering. It can detect human presence with the help of sensors. It can be easily reprogrammed for performing other actions.