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Comparisons of Concrete Blocks with Bamboo Fi...

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Comparisons of Concrete Blocks with Bamboo Fi...

Comparisons of Concrete Blocks with Bamboo Fibers and Treatment through NaOH

Author Name : Shubham Singh, Saurabh Soni, Monu Kumar


As we have seen the requirement of reinforce concrete is increasing day by day, while the steel has the lesser tensile strength as compared to the bamboo. On the testing we have found that the steel has the tensile strength of 23000 pounds per square inch but the bamboo has greater tensile strength compared to steel of 28000 pounds per square inch. Bamboo has also the quality of improvement by the sodium hydroxide treatment. Bamboo masonry blocks has the more quality compared to the reinforcement concrete blocks. The 6% 0f the NaoH treatment is the optimum treatment for the bamboo alkali treatment.

Keywords-Concrete blocks, Bamboo fibres, Chemical treatment, NaoH etc.