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Concept of Om in Yogopanishads and Classical ...

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Concept of Om in Yogopanishads and Classical ...

Concept of Om in Yogopanishads and Classical Yoga Literature

Author Name : Sumana Pothugunta, Prof. K. Ramesh Babu


The study aimed to explain the concept of OM from the Yogopanishads and classical Yoga literature.OM is the notorious universal sacred syllable in the ancient Indian scriptures. Om is the primordial sound from which all other sounds and creation emerge which signifies the supreme power. To explain the significance of the syllable om from ancient and effects of om meditation in contemporary science.

From four upanisads (mundaka, mandukya, svetasvatara, and katha), the bhagvad gita, and patanjali's yoga darsanam the explanations about OM have been taken. It is considered that a human who realizes om, merges with the absolute. Scientific studies on om suggest that the mental repetition of om results in physiological alertness, and increased sensitivity to sensory transmission. The benefits of mindfulness meditation among clinical and non-clinical populations have been largely reported in literature.