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“Covid-19 Impact on Tourism Worldwide”

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“Covid-19 Impact on Tourism Worldwide”

“Covid-19 Impact on Tourism Worldwide”

Author Name : Dr. Bijal Shah, Shikha Mishra


Tourism industry is one the largest and fastest growing sector of economic market. It has come to contribute 8% in global GDP and 10% on employment sector (WHO, 2020). Even though there have been crisis before which have affected the global market this pandemic has outdone all. Covid-19 is the most serious crisis tourism has ever faced since the Financial crisis 2008. It is estimated that this time the impact is seven time larger and has resulted in 39% of global tourism volume. It is not expected to start recovery from late 2021 and reach its original level till 2023. It is also estimated that more than million people around the world will lose have lost their jobs already and others are at risk of being unemployed. This study is to learn COVID-19 has affected the tourism industry and what is the result of this pandemic.

Key Words: Global tourism sector, covid-19, pandemic crisis, loss, recovery.