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"Critical Analysis of the association of demo...

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"Critical Analysis of the association of demo...

"Critical Analysis of the association of demographic & Social Media to influence the consumer behaviour”

Author Name : Dr. Sameer Narang, Dr. Satinder Kumar


Social Media Marketing is a technique by using social media site to achieve the consideration of folks. These packages focus on evolving a content which will entice the attention of the readers in social media & make them to share the matters in their social networking site. When the information about a product / service / brand / company is shared in a social media by a user, it is reshared by many users in other social networks and when the information is shared by a trustworthy source, it becomes appositive promotion for the product than the promotion done through paid sources. This shows the power of social media marketing. The key benefit of social media marketing is that the like-minded people with common interest are able to locate each other. In the present paper examination of impact of social media marketing on the consumers (millennial) decision making process has been done.For this purpose the chi square technique is used whether the impact of social media marketing are having any association with consumer decision making process on the basis of their attributes of gender, age and education.