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Crop Yield Prediction Using Machine Learning

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Crop Yield Prediction Using Machine Learning

Crop Yield Prediction Using Machine Learning

Author Name : Mrs. G. Bhanu Priya, S. Bhargavi


As we all know, India is the world's second most populous country, and agriculture is the primary source of income for the vast majority of Indians. Farmers produce the same crops year after year without experimenting with new varieties, and they apply fertilisers in an ad hoc manner without understanding the deficient composition or quantity. As a result, this has a direct impact on crop productivity, as well as causing soil acidity and damage to the top layer. As a result, we devised a system based on machine learning algorithms for the benefit of farmers. Based on the content and meteorological characteristics, our technology will recommend the optimum crop for a certain piece of land. In addition, the system gives information on the required fertiliser content and quantity, as well as the necessary seeds for growing.

Keywords: Agriculture, Machine Learning, Crop Prediction, Supervised Algorithms, Crop Yield