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Design and Fabrication of Device for Controll...

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Design and Fabrication of Device for Controll...

Design and Fabrication of Device for Controlling Moisture in Electronic Systems Using Sensors

Author Name : Srinuvasu N, Chandrashekar M , Dr. KM Purushothama, Dr. Gangadhara Shetty B, Dr. Chenna Kesava Reddy


Most industrial power semiconductor modules consist of a plastic housing containing chips which have been encapsulated in a cured silicone-based gel (“soft mould”, “sil-gel”) that provides electrical insulation between conductors. However, the module is not hermetically sealed (gas tight) as atmospheric gas can permeate the module through openings at power terminals, etc. The soft mould also contains diffused air. Therefore, water molecules can also propagate through the soft mould in the same manner that they mix with air, albeit at a slower rate.