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Design Study of Parking Spaces in congested c...

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Design Study of Parking Spaces in congested c...

Design Study of Parking Spaces in congested cities and areas

Author Name : Sumit Rathee, Aman Kumar,

Abstract: Many Experts seem to agree that a lack of local parking spaces can contribute to traffic congestion. It is estimated that about 30 percent of the cars circling a city at any given time are doing so as drivers look for parking. Aside from the annoyance factor, those cars are creating traffic congestion, viewed by survey respondents as being the single most important societal change affecting the parking industry. From an environmental standpoint, that translates to limitless amounts of wasted fuel and carbon emissions. In this study of how off-street parking requirements affect urban form, we begin by analyzing the relationship between population density and streets in cities. We find that denser cities devote a greater share of their land to streets, but also have less street space per person. This relationship results in part from the difficulty of constructing new streets in built-out areas.