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E-Restaurant using Artificial Intelligence fo...

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E-Restaurant using Artificial Intelligence fo...

E-Restaurant using Artificial Intelligence for contactless dining to control the covid-19 outspread

Author Name : Shaili Gangwar, Dr. P. Muthusamy

ABSTRACT The simplicity and ease of access of dining in a restaurant are the main things that facilitate ordering food in a restaurant. But in today’s scenario in the out spread of corona virus, social distancing is only the feasible solution to be safe and healthy and this can be achieved through new technologies that has already been adopted by many in the restaurant industry, but when you think of a Jetsons-esque future, Flying cars, holograms, and robots are usually top of mind when we think about futuristic technology. These technologies and innovation can make a great impact on our dinning plans. The innovations like self-ordering kiosks, robotic chefs, and bartenders and restaurant management AI are all now nearly possible through the emerging technologies from the data science like machine learning and artificial intelligence. The main advantages of implementing these will be- optimisation of the profit by minimizing the wastage like time, cost, and food. And in this time of covid-19 outbreak the contactless dining processes can be achieved avoiding the risk of this pandemic to an extent. AI catboats are such an emerging technology in the food industry that can handle interactions with customers at all times of the day, even after hours.