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Effect of High Temperature Oxidation on AISI-...

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Effect of High Temperature Oxidation on AISI-...

Effect of High Temperature Oxidation on AISI-316 and AISI-310

Author Name : Ajay Malik, Manpreet Singh

ABSTRACT The objective of this research is to investigate experimentally the behavior of high temperature oxidation of AISI-3 I 6 & AISI-3 I 0 alloy steels in cyclic heating environment (700°C,800° C,900°C). AISI-3 I 6 & AISI-310 alloy steels is a Austenitic steels and its widely used in high temperature furnace, high pressure vessels, heat exchanger, condenser , high temperature fluid flow pipes etc. In this thesis firstly I studied & Discussed about Oxidation mechanisms, thermodynamics behind the oxidation, different kinds of oxidation kinetics, defects in oxide structure during scale formation. It contains details studies of oxidation behavior of metal, Fealloy & super alloy by many authors & researchers. For evaluation of high temperature oxidation behavior of AISI-3 I 6 & AISI-31 0 alloy steels perform the experiment in Silicon Carbide furnace tube in constant temperature in presence of air in cyclic condition for justify industrial environment because in industry like power plant, fertilizer plant & petroleum refinery etc are breakdown suddenly and temperature goes down so thermal stress are developed on surface. By change in weight ·measurement through electronic weight Balancing machine in each interval (I hour) Oxidation kinetics is determined. After determine the kinetics of AISI -3 I 6 & AISI -3 I 0 alloy steels in 700 °C, 800 °C & 900°C compare between them & determine best suitable material for particular condition. Also discussed the effects of different elements like Cr, Si, Mo, Ni & other alloys on oxidation & performance of alloy steels. The various factors like chemical composition of alloy, environmental condition, temperature, pressure, structure of alloy is discussed that influences of oxidation rate of metals & alloys.